New Ghana Leak Gangster Prophet And Wendy Pono Music Video + Download

Ghana is gradually descending into an uncontrolled society and pervert one. Ladies who call themselves Slay Queens are going nu-de on daily basis. SnapChat has been turned into a wh0re house by Ghanaian young ladies and it’s just disgusting.

Lord Paper must have inspired Ghanaian musician-Gangster Prophet who has gotten Ghanaians talking with his music video–which is a complete full blown p*rn.

The video features Snap Chat prostitute-Wendy, who says she is an apprentice of Queen Farcadi.

Wendy and Gangster Prophet are completely n*ked, getting their freak on. It’s so intense that you don’t even realize any music is playing, just the action.

When Lord Paper released visuals to his “Ewurama” song in early 2016, every level headed individual in Ghana condemn him and Nana Yaa Jamaica for releasing a p0rn movie.

And it actually was a p0rn movie. But not for once did people ever imagine someone will beat Lord paper to that record. Yet Gangster Prophet and Wendy have beaten the record.

Gangster Prophet is a Ghanaian underground artist who thinks the best way to grab public attention with his song(I still don’t even remember a single word in the song…lol) is to go completely nu-de with a Snapchat pr0stitute (Wendy, an apprentice of Farcadi, the popular pr0stitute in Ghana.)

The video is so freaky that you hardly realize it is even a music video. Complete nu-de! And frankly, it’s worse than Lord paper’s video.


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